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The big goals in life are not easy. Finding ‘Strength in Commitment’ sounds like a healthy, indisputable proposition. But commitment, arguably the most important of all attributes that contribute to success and fulfillment is often the most misrepresented and misunderstood.

We’re quick to recognize talent and intellect, desire and dedication, and the bonus of tenacious confidence. They are all promising core ingredients. They vary by degrees within every individual, every business or organization, but we are fairly sure of the recipe, hopefully all topped off with a measure of good fortune.

So what then is commitment? And no, it is not the same thing as dedication. Commitment is unlike any other attribute because it defies measurement. It is not portioned or accredited by degrees. It is not even an ingredient in the recipe, but the flame beneath the pot.

Commitment is first a moment that confirms an ‘all in’ proposition to a purpose. It is choice… a firm and lasting resolve founded on personal or shared values that are steadfast, beyond reproach including circumstances that may defy hope and expectation. Life can shake confidence. It will find ways to disrupt dedication and desire. Commitment is the keystone of endurance and conviction. It is the one essential attribute that guards all others, and through crisis strengthens character, ability and potential. Light the flame, and enjoy the ride.

"Commitment is not a test drive. It is a firm resolve to purpose and the foundation for every choice that fulfills your goals. It is life with a vision. Embrace it. Anything less is just trial and error."
- Chris Spielman

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